How much is this going to cost?

This is a question better answered after we have a chat and sort out the details. For most projects, I will send a quote estimating time and cost.

How is this process going to work?

Generally, the way I like to work is: 1) You explain to me what you are looking for. 2) We discuss the project to get a better feel for what is needed. 3) I send you a quote for time and cost. 4) You let me know if the quote is approved. 5) I get to work!

How long will it take to finish the project?

This depends on a few things: 1) The scope of the project. 2) The number, and the extent, of revisions needed, as well as the turn-around time for proofing. 3) My current workload.

How will you send me proofs?

All proofs will be sent, low-resolution, as a pdf file. This way you can mark up your changes in the pdf and send it back to me by email. At that point we can decide if meeting in person to discuss changes is necessary.

Do you include printing in the initial quote?

No, some people prefer to take care of their own printing, and that is just fine, I always provide press ready files at the end of a project. For people who want me to arrange printing, I can do that; however, printing costs will be quoted separately at the end of the project. Full payment for printing (and delivery if necessary) is required before I send a job to the printer.