Document Design

The term "document" covers a pretty wide range of materials including: reports, brochures, newsletters, media kits, books, and magazines. Often the finished piece is printed, but the choice can also be made to distribute the material through a web environment.

Atlas for the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta. The Atlas presented data analysis on TPP medication utilization trends in Alberta. The concept behind the cover was to relay the process of data collection, input, and analysis that results in actionable information.

Atlas for the College of Physicians and Surgeons presenting data on Triplicate Prescription Program trends in Alberta

Mining reports for Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (formerly INAC) with info graphic relaying important dates mentioned throughout the copy.

Mining reports for INAC, now AANDC

This booklet, aimed towards workers under 25 and put out by the Workers' Safety and Compensation Commission, was part of a larger campaign that included an ad series, promotional items, and cross-marketing with North American Occupational Health and Safety Week events. Created for Kellett Communications.

Booklet put out by the Workers' Safety and Compensation Commission

Medical reports. The first report relays data on psychoactive drug use statistics, so I used overprinted words to play on the concept of altered perception. The middle report, for the Native Hawaiian Epidemiology Centre, features the first Director of the Centre along with Hawaiian graphics and photography. Discussing connections and gaps among data sources and drug user groups in the third report, the cover suggests the content with a symbolic approach.

Design of medical reports

Masthead, and magazine design, for Joint Task Force North. The typeface for the masthead was chosen for its geometric quality, a quality also found in Inuktitut text. The magazine's content was presented in English, French, and Inuktitut. Created for Kellett Communications.

Magazine, with content in three languages, produced for Joint Task Force North

Brand Design

Also called visual identity design, these projects usually start with the design of a logo or wordmark. Depending on what your needs are, we can expand the branding to items like business cards, letterhead, promotional items, or even a vehicle wrap.

Logo, letterhead, and business card for Going with the Grain. We started this project with a questionnaire to solidify what the logo should convey. Recurring themes in the answers were: creativity, quality, reliability, and a relaxed attitude.

Logo, letterhead, and business card development for hardwood flooring company – Going with the Grain.

Logo, letterhead, and business card development for risk engineer, Michael Baxter. The client wanted two versions of the same logo, a horizontal and a vertical option that would work for different applications. Created for Kellett Communications.

Logo, letterhead, and business card development for risk engineer contractor – Michael Baxter.

Logos were needed for several medical database applications using the acronym of each. For C.H.I.P the emphasis was on community health. The S.L.I.C.E. program analyzes datasets. T.O.A.D. deals with data regarding addiction to prescription drugs, the toad graphic worked both literally to represent the acronym and symbolically due to the association of a toad with poison and medicinal properties.

Logo development for several different medical database applications.

Logo and icon development for Yellowknife DJ collective Bush League. The main task was to come up with a graphic that would work on its own for promotional items and instances where the full logo wasn't desired.

Logo and icon development for Yellowknife DJ collective.

Logo, letterhead, and business card for health intelligence company, OKAKI, which often works in partnership with indigenous groups. The graphic of a feather became the company's symbol because the name okaki comes from a Blackfoot word meaning, "be wise," and the eagle feather is associated with wisdom.

Logo, letterhead, and business card development for health care  company – OKAKI.

Information Design

The ease in which someone can access your information is nearly as important as the information itself. Good information design will leave your audience satisfied and informed instead of frustrated and confused.

Maps, one shown here, of the bike and run courses for the Midnight Sun Triathlon in Yellowknife, NWT.

Maps of run and bike courses for Midnight Sun Triathlon

Registration form for the Midnight Sun Triathlon. With no web registration, the Multisport Club needed a concise and methodical registration form to collect the necessary information from each racer. Due to printing limitations, the form was created in grayscale.

Registration form for the Midnight Sun Triathlon

Icon set for a Geographic Information System (GIS) water application. The final output size, shown at the bottom of each column, was 32 x 32 pixels.

Icons for GIS water application

Great Slave Helicopters was celebrating 25 years; to honour the occasion, a calendar featuring their stunning photography was produced. Silver metallic ink and a spot varnish were used so, to offset the print cost, we limited the page count and found a solution that both showcased the photography and presented the calendar information. Produced for Kellett Communications.

Calendar design for Great Slave Helicopters

This is one of many map books produced for use by emergency responders to navigate First Nations communities. Each book contains maps of the community and pertinent information on buildings to facilitate the quickest possible response to an emergency.

Map book design

Website Design

Web design is at its best when the right balance of function and aesthetic yields an enjoyable user experience. If you're looking to establish a web presence, organizing your information is a great place to start.

An information booklet I designed for the Stoney Health Centre received positive feedback, so the decision was made to redesign their site using a similar style. Initial steps involved looking at how their information would best be organized, and then mocking up a couple options in illustrator that used the established style.

Initial concepts for website redesign

The option was chosen that most closely matched their booklet. They wanted a live facebook feed incorporated into the site, so the next step was to create a facebook page. You can visit the site, which includes a link to the facebook page, here.

Finished site and development of a facebook page

Event Design

Event design can include any number of pieces depending on the intricacies of your event. Advertising, often in the form of a poster, is one of the most common. Other items may include invitations, menus, program guides, websites, displays, or signage.

The Royal Rave poster was inspired by its location — an ice castle, built each year by the Ice King, in winter wonderland Yellowknife! The poster for theatre production One Flea Spare developed through the imagery and the themes of sexuality, class, and power inversion found in the play, which takes place in plagued London in 1665.

Poster design for events the Royal Rave and theatre production One Flea Spare

The poster design for artist Richard Boulet was influenced by his work exploring schizophrenia. Using the artist's sketches, I tried to create the sense of isolation and disorganized thinking that a schizophrenic feels. The Folk on the Rocks poster is a concept I delivered while at Kellett Communications using the event's theme of fusing sound and culture. The blending colours represent fusion, and the water is a nod to the event's location beside a lake.

Poster design for a final masters of art show and Folk on the Rocks

Event design for the annual Midnight Sun Triathlon held in Yellowknife. Pieces included: event poster, registration form, advertising, route maps, and shirt design.

Poster, registration form, advertising, map, and t-shirt design for the annual Midnight Sun Triathlon

The client wanted a graphic for a trade show display that would highlight their popular travel destinations. Illustrations were made of the icons for each location and positioned on the globe linked by planes travelling to and fro. Created for Kellett Communications.

Design and illustration of pop-up trade show display for Top of the World Travel


Whether you're looking for traditional print or web advertising or something a little different, knowing your audience is key. The possibilities are vast and my mind is wide open.

Traditional print advertising for the local Swim Club aimed towards attracting parents who are looking for a fun healthy community club for their kids.

Alberta Research Council advertorial aimed towards attracting clients and partners in research and technology sectors. Created for Venture Publishing.

Ad for the Bow Valley Riptides Swim Club and advertorial for Alberta Research Council

A campaign with two audiences in mind: contractors and their potential clients. The idea was to direct both groups to a website to either offer contracting services or a contract. Direct mailers, print ads, web banners, and posters with a peel-away info note were used. Web graphics for the NWTCA (Northwest Territories Construction Association) website were created to foster program recognition. Created for Kellett Communications.

Ad campain directed at both contractors and clients needing contract work

This is Barry, the spokesyeti for Latitude Wireless. I was asked to create several mascot options for the "wireless" branch of NorthwestTel – Barry was the chosen one. Being up North, surrounded by kilometers of untouched wilderness, my imagination produced snapshots of the legendary yeti, walking the land in search of reception. Created for Kellett Communications.

Mascot created for Latitude Wireless

These web banners and website graphics, part of a spring Latitude Wireless campaign, were created using the new mascot. Created for Kellett Communications.

Web banners and website graphics for a spring campain that incorporate Barry the Latitude Wireless mascot

Print ads for magazine and newspaper insertion, also incorporating Barry the mascot, were part of the Latitude Wireless spring campaign. A pop-up banner, for in-store signage, was made to promote campaign recognition.

Pop-up banner and print ads for a spring campain that incorporate Barry the Latitude Wireless mascot